Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Meaning of Tattos for The Dayak Kenyah People

The Dayak Kenyak people call tattoos betik. Betik means the activity where tattooist pricks the skin repeatly with wooden instrument with three metal prongs on the end. Before the tattoo is made the person’s skin is covered with soot from a cooking pot and desired design. The used tattoos is different from each social class, these being :
  1. Tattoos for th nobility (paren). Tattoos made for the nobility usually consist of the a very fine design with a spesific symbolic meaning. These designs are very expensive and ma not be used by other social classes.
  2. Tattoos for the middle class (panyen). Designs used by the middle class are usually larger and not so expensive,
  3. Tattoos for the lower class are only done certain parts of the body and are very cheap. Occasionally they may make it themselves.