Friday, August 28, 2009

Takjil at Soekarno Hatta Airport

Soekarno Hatta Airport for Ramadan fasting month catered 4,000 takjil packets for all passengers who will departure or arrive at Soekarno Hatta Airport closing to break fast time. Takjil is snack likes kolak, traditional cakes, or dates. Kolak is sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar. I don’t know what kind takjil they provided at Airport. Soekarno Hatta Airport Head, Hariyanto on Wednesday (August 26, 2009) explain takjil supplied is one of their management services to flight passengers. “Takjil catered we give in Departure Terminal 1, 2 and 3. We hope with takjil catered, passenger easily to break their fast in airport,” says Hariyanto. For financed this takjil catered services, Airport Management spent budget around Rp. 4 million (US$ 400,000).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bali Protested Malaysia About Pendet Dance

Malaysia claim for original art and culture of Indonesia heritage no stopped yet. After batik, reog, and Rasa Sayange song, now masterpiece art from Bali, Tari Pendet (Pendet Dance) has turn. This dance in the past time was sacred become material of visit to Malaysia commercial. This is make some artist, cultural observes, and academism in Bali spread out protest action on August 22, 2009. One of them is former rector of Indonesia Art Institute Denpasar, Prof Wayan Dibia and Region Representative Board members from Bali, Ida Ayu Agung Mas. Protest ala artist presented with art perform organized at Taman Budaya Denpasar. Tens of artist and cultural observes recommended that Indonesia government immediately to make Indonesia dances art inventories and identifications, especially Pendet Dance.
“Local and central government need to register traditional dances to get copy right so in the future there will no another claim from another country especially from Malaysia,” explains Wayan Dibyan.
He added Pendet Dance was presented by Malaysia government in some international television is recorded by Bali Record production house. Shooting take at tourism Bedugul area. Meanwhile, Republic Foreign Affair Department of Republic of Indonesia spokesman, Teuku Faizasyah appealed that people don’t be emotional to react this case. “We must see what the goal to put Pendet Dance to their commercial first. Maybe they have no purpose to claim it but only for tourism goal”. They side already asked clarification from Malaysia government by Indonesia representative in that neighbor country. Pendet Dance has been part of Bali people spiritual life since hundreds years ago. This dance is part for religion ceremonial that presented in pura (Hindu temple) and can’t be perform outside religion ritual or ceremonial. In 1950’s Pendet Dance had modification and be presented as welcoming dance to special guest in Bali. Now this dance can perform to tourism welcoming.

Mandau Kelu or The Stone Mandau

photo :
The mandau (or long knife) has been in use for a very long time, prior to its existence the Dayak people used stone tools. A thin stone was sharpened to a fine edge by rubbing it on another harder stone. After a sharp edge had been achieved the stone was placed into the middle of a piece of wood and tied with rattan. As time progressed the forest discovered iron mine in the mountains. One of the village chiefs had the idea to use the iron ore to make a sheet metal. Because of the dificulty to find iron ore in large quantities the king prdered his subjects to make a cave on the side of Mount Muler and to dig holes in the area of River Sunan because these were area ehere the most iron ore have been found previously. Caves where the water was seen to be a yellowish color were greatly sought after. The yellowish water would be collected and save in a 20 cm deep hole that is about the size of a socer ball. The resault udf continually pouring into the same for several decades wa nuggets of iron ore.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jember Fashion Carnaval

photo :
The dream finally come back again. This setence said by Dynald Fariz with full emotion when Jember Fashion Carnaval or JFC press conference. JFC President seriously with his word. Need extra time, patience, and big effort to reachable and enjoy his obsession now already give the result. August 2, 2009 come back to JFC success witness that crowded by approximately 300,000 spectators, even from nearly Jember or from outside Jember. JFC now became annual event that name starting to know all over the world. This event success to make Jember famous and more known. Jember is small city with position in south corridor of East Java. In the 8th JFC event, 600 contestant comprise from students, university students, and the public show their ability and creation over asphalt catwalk with length 3,6 km, started from town square and recorded as the longest catwalk in the world. With “World Unity” theme that means to united and make world peace, this theme was developed to 8 sub theme, that voiced issue about social, economy, culture, or politic.
Food crisis problem, for example, voiced by “Upper Ground” theme, meanwhile “Animal Plants” voiced forest riches. Freedom symbol of animal and plant showed in animal or plant characters in attractive package. Another theme is “Off Life” showed some people wear all cloth is black, with gothic fashion style. It is really contrast with the previous group that wears colorful cloths likes green, orange, and red. Costume design illustrated the creation is so high and incredible, and for some people stigma that cloths is symbol of useless or endangered another people. Group indentity with no have change to develop, visualization in black color. This theme tried to voiced that creativity and work is right of every person. From here, Fariz gives important learning to everybody that dream will be come true. Uniquely, annual JFC event became one of tourism potential and included to Jember Visit Months Agenda.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Delay For 16 Hours, Air Asia Get Hard Warning

Polonia Airport Administrator, Medan, Norht Sumatera, give had warning to AirAsia company because consider to neglected their passangers. AirAsia plane QZ 7497 from Medan to Jakarta destination delayed for 16 hours and 10 minutes because plane engine damaged.
“Even Air Asia was given competation to their passangers, but this thing is not enough. AirAsia was make lose out passangers by neglected them,” says Polonia Airport Administrator, Razali Abubakar on August 10, 2009 in Medan.
AirAsia with Jakarta destination that Razali means scheduled take off on Sunday at 19.00. Because the plane had engine problem when take off time comes, AirAsia staff anounced that their take off schedule delayed and take off time changed to 22.30. At Last, AirAsia staff announced canceled their flight schedule and this make disturbance at domestic departure terminal of Polonia Airport. Disappointed passangers, according to Rizali, was emotion till make them trowed trolly in front official. Situation at the night, he said, tendered to anarchy so airport security official, police officer, and airforce army must be involved to cooling down the passangers. “Passangers disappointed because flight canceled not following with continuation ticket changed (for tthem who must come back again to Jakarta),” explains Razali.
Then AirAsia official make negotiation with some passangers till Monday at 02.00. Connected with the situation, agreement had make with continuation ticket changed. Beside that, AirAsia also provided lodging for the night at Angkasa Hotel, Medan. Finally, flight can be done on Monday at 11.20. Distribution and Marketing Director of Indonesia AirAsia, Widijastoro Nugroho when confimated was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said that three AirAsia planes have some problems. This situation make AirAsia also have problem to flied all passangers in Medan. “One Boeing 737-300 scheduling for routine check up (C-Check). One Boeing 737-300 have hydrolic system damged. And one Airbus A-320 that scheduled to flied passanger from Medan to Jakarta must checked (grounded) because hard landing guess or landing with collide,” he says.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Batik Exhibition on Washington Museum

Amounting 22 batik cloth of USA president barack Obama mother, Miss Ann Dunham, exhibitioned on Textile Museum Washitong DC on August 9-23, 2009. This exhibition was peak of some exhibition had already done in some city in United States. Republic of Indonesia embassador for USA, Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat said, beside for to thightened Indonesia-US realtionship, this eshibition also to batik promotion as Indonesia heritage. “ Batik not only textile, but more than that. Batik has social, culture value and culture product since some centuries ago,” says Sudjanan in press convention in Mandarin Hotel, Washington DC. About 500 attendants come and watched this culture night with title “Enchanting Indonesia” including Maya Soetoro Ng, President Barrack Obama sister and as heir of her mother batik cloths. Miss Ann Dunham. When Ann Dunham dies, she leave approximately 100 batik cloths that she get when life in Indonesia from 1970s till 1980s.

Poso Lake Festival Proved Safe for Conflicts

Lake Poso XII Festival opened by Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik on Saturday (August 8, 2009) hopes to prove area that had been face for long conflic is already safe. With all implementation limitedness , festival hope no only for tourism promotion site, but also to build Poso image as place worth to be visit, especially foreign tourism. Poso Lake festival will be implementation every year and be one tourism event following by nine districs regencies and one city in Central Sulawesi. In this festival, also perform art and culture state and craft exhibition. Poso Lake festival delayed for 10 years since 1997. First confict break out oin 1988. Festival continue again in 207 after recovery condition at Poso. Compared between 2007 and 2008 , this years the festival more get antusiastic respons from people. Festival opening attended by thousands people, tens tourism also came to see this event. But unfortunately, this festival not support by readiness of accomodation, transportation, guide, internet network, money changer, and another facilities. Some tourisms from Spain also complain because they difficult to find hotel room. Many visitor, but lack of hotel room.