Sunday, November 8, 2009

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Added Airbus A330-200

Garuda Indonesia Airlines Company added one more Airbus A330-200 and that mean now already have 4 unit planes. This plane has 22 seats capacity and will used for long distance flight destination (oversea). The new Garuda Airbus A330-200 flight non stop 13 hours and 26 minutes from Toulose Blagnac, France to Jakarta, Indonesia brings 13 passengers, there are 11 Garuda Indonesia employees and 2 journalists and 109 ton avtur. Now in the world around 600 units Airbus A330-200 was operated by some airlines company including Garuda Indonesia, Northwest Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Emirate. They are prime Airbus A330-200 users. Totally, Garuda ordered 10 Airbus A330-200 planes. Next 6 planes will arrive.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Julia Robert in Bali for “Eat, Pray, Love”


“Eat, Pray, Love” movie that starring by Julia Robert takes shooting in Bali. Julia Robert arrived in Bali on October 15, 2009. The shooting planned take almost one month (till November 6) and take some place like Kuta, Ubud, and another beautiful place in Bali. Local workers in Bali are praying Julia Roberts will bring them good luck. One worker said: "I hope the film-shooting will bring good fortune, and that more people come here to buy." This movie can helps to promote Bali as tourism destination place. “Eat, Pray, Love” is adaptation from New York Times best seller novel with the same title written by Elizabeth Gilbert. The movie also starring by Oscar winner Javier Bardem and Billy Crudup. The story of "Eat, Pray, Love" tells the life of wiriter herself, Gilbert has assumed a perfect life, from her husband until the perfect apartment. Amid his efforts to have children and fill the last part of the puzzle of his life, he was expected to a problem that led to the understanding that life is not perfect. That was the beginning of the adventure Gilbert to find new challenges in life, finds himself. In "Eat, Pray, Love" Gilbert describes his adventures ranging from Italy, India, until the end in Bali. ”Eat, Pray, Love” scheduled can we watch at cinema in 2011. I just can’t wait to wacth it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lasem Batik Export Increase 20% Each Year


Growing and developing batik market in Central Java especially at Rembang regency since 2006 has positive impact. Rembang Trade Industry and Cooperative Agency recorded, Lasem batik export value produced by crafters at Rembang regency average 20 percent each year. Head of Industry Sector, Rembang Trade Industry and Cooperative Agency, Sudirman on Tuesday (October 27, 2009) said that Lasem batik market going wider. From only to China, Japan, and Malaysia as export destination, but at this time spread till South Korea and United States. That condition influenced batik export value. He gives example, in 2006 Lasem batik export value US$ 7.32 million. In 2007 Lasem batik export value increased to US$ 8.79 million. Increased of Lasem batik export value automatically will increased batik export value in Central Java. Lasem contributed 30 percent of batik Central Java export value.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dr Joseph A. Michelli in Jakarta

If there is one person who can tell you how to improve customer service, create a more vibrant workplace and generally let your business achieve the highest level for excellence then that one person is Dr Joseph A. Michelli. Dr. Joseph A. Michell is author of The Starbucks Experience and When Fish Fly. I like those books. In his latest book “The New Gold Standard”, Dr Joseph A. Michelli uncovers the secret of world-class leadership. “The New Gold Standard”: this is the first time the award-winning global hospitality and lifestyle company has shared such detailed information on its corporate culture and service philosophy. Discover how to engage customer royalty, measure results, and retain the best talent in a service economy. “The New Gold Standard” has been endorsed by many distinguished business leaders and authors including Kenneth Lewis, chairman and chief executive officer The Bank of America, who termed the book “a valuable addition to business literature.” Ken Blanchard, coauthor of “The One Minute Manager: described the book as “required reading for anyone who wants to learn how to create passionate employee and customer.”
Dr Joseph A. Michelli will share his knowledge and information in Jakarta on November 4, 2009 at The Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan in one day workshop. Your investment for this workshop : Regular Rp. 3.5 million, Early Bid (before October 30) Rp. 3 million, Super Early Bid (before October 22), and for student rate Rp. 1.5 million. Organizer by PT. Results Asia.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Indonesia Quakes Pass 1,000



The number of deaths in the quake that hit West Sumatra on Wednesday (September 30, 2009), recorded until 20.00 pm local time on Tuesday (October 13), has reached 1,1115 people based on the latest official reports. Most victims were found in Padang Pariaman regency amounting to 675 people and city of Padang amounting 313 peole, data obtained from the Command Post of the Coordination Unit for Disaster Control showed here Saturday. The 7.6-magnitude quake struck at 17.16 local time (10.16 GMT) on Wednesday (September 30,2009), some 85 km (55 miles) under the sea, north-west of Padang (the capital of West Sumatra province), the US Geological Survey said. The earthquake brought down hospitals, schools and shopping malls, cut power lines and triggered landslides.

The following are details of victims and damages
· Dead victims: 1,115 people
· Traumatized victims: 1,214 people
· Lightly wounded: 1,688 people
· Missing citizens: 1 person
· Serious damaged houses: 135,299 units
· Moderate damaged houses: 65,306 units
· Lightly damaged houses: 78,591 units

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

UI Reach 201st World Ranking


Time Higher Education-QS World University Ranking or THESS clarified that Indonesia University (Universitas Indonesia or known as UI) ranked 201st from 500 the best universities in the world. “This is incredible reached. Last year UI get 287 ranking and in 2007 get 395 ranking,” says UI rector, Prof Dr Gumilar Rusliwa Soematri on October 8, 2009. From THESS survey result from 5,000 universities all over the world, now UI entered Asia elite university ranking (ranked 34) and ASEAN (ranked 5). Some of THESS evaluation basically from perform indicator in research and publication field, teaching, internationalized, and graduate perform connected to labor force absorption.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Takabonerate Island Expedition 2009


South Sulawesi (Celebes) Province Government will hold Takabonerate Island Expedition 2009 on October 16 till October 25, 2009 to introduce Taman Nasional Takabonerate (Takabonerate National Park) as destination place four tourism. At least 11 fisher groups from six countries confirmed attend at International Fishing Competition on October 16 till October 18, 2009. According to South Sulawesi Tourism Department Head MS Mallombasi ob Tuesday (October 1st, 2009) in Makassar, Diving exhibition by 300 divers from some region also will perform to promote the sea park.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indonesia Step in G-20

Still fresh from ongoing G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh, United States of America, Indonesia make end note about that important events. Important because in Pittsburgh, G-20 officially changed the richest industry counties group in the world, that is G-8. Different with G-8 that have elite and exclusive, image come from this new group looks more opened and various. In G-20 there some developing countries like Indonesia. We understand level of developing countries in this group have different level reviewed from income per capita, science and technology progress, and military power. Just notice, countries who included in G-20 represented 90 percent of world gross national product, 80 percent of world trade, and two third of world population. Now in this scope and scale Indonesia step in international forum know as G-20. Of course this fact made me as Indonesia citizen proudly with my country participation in G-20. This is one kind of recognition that even Indonesia excluded of elite economic class countries, Indonesia according to World Bank has position in ranked 19 of world economic country. By become member of G-20 economy group make real what Pricewaterhouse Coopers predicted for some last years ago about strengthening role of countries that joined Emerging 7 (E-7) in the future will pass over G-7 countries role. The Countries that included in E-7 is BRIC (Brazil, Rusia, India, and China), added Indonesia, Mexico, and Turkey. Moreover, there are some other countries excluded of this group, there are Australia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Argentina.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Garuda Asked Flight to New Zealand

Garuda Indonesia Airlines hoped direct flight to New Zealand as effort to increased tourist from this Kiwi country to Indonesia. This request submitted by participant in Indonesia business dialog held by Culture and Tourism Department of Republic of Indonesia and Republic of Indonesia Embassy in Auckland, New Zealand on September 14, 2009. The dialog presented in promotion agenda for recovery Indonesia tourism image after bomb blaster at Marriot and Ritz Charlton on last June. Dialog participants is around 100 persons consist from local officers, businessman, and travel agent. Answered about that question, Senior General Manager of Garuda Indonesia in Australia Purwoko Soeparyono said that to service the question, first of all must increased passengers from New Zealand. Garuda Indonesia hoped can fly directly to New Zealand, with option city destination is Wellington or Auckland. There is no problem if Garuda must fly from Jakarta or Bali. According to Purwoko, from business considered break event point reached if passengers load reached in one specific point Based from recently data, in the last six months New Zealand tourism who visited to Indonesia only 12,000 persons. The passengers number must divided into some flight likes to Singapore, Malaysia, even Brunei Darussalam. So in economical side this request is still difficult to realize. Even in the future will be have direct fly to New Zealand, maybe destination not to Bali but Jakarta.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Trans Park, World Class Recreation in Makassar


A recreation place with investment more than Rp. 1 trillion (US$ 100 million) already operated in Makassar, South Sulawesi (Celebes). We compare it with Disneyland facilities in United of States of America and Lotte World in South Korea. The Trans Studio Theme Park hoped stimulate economic dynamic in Indonesia East Region. Many recreation facilities are available in this indoor park with area width 2.2 hectares. Presence of this recreation park at Tanjung Bunga Area, Makassar has good response from South Sulawesi Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo as high appeal for investment in this area. This is equal with South Sulawesi economic growth in year around 2009 reached 9 percent or above national economic growth average that reached 7 percent. “This mean South Sulawesi as center of services and economic growth in Indonesia East Region more calculated. Hoped with operated of this recreation park, economic dynamic in South Sulawesi and another provinces around it become more excited. Trans Park is collaboration between Para and Kalla Group than delivery PT Trans Kalla Makassar management. Targeted every year can pull about 1.6 million visitor per year. Break event point targeting reached in the next 5-6 years. Planned in 2010, a five stars hotel will be build in this area.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Multiply Passengers, Air Asia Coupled Amadeus

Air Asia company network that consist of AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Thai AirAsia, and AirAsiaX, established cooperation with travel ticket sale and distributed technology provider company Amadeus. The prime target is to multiply AirAsia passengers who want ordered ticket not via internet because they don’t have credit card. Still many passengers rely on ticket agent and travel to ordered ticket. Because they still need assistance to choose of route and the lowest ticket prince for plane, car rental, train, ferry, or cruises. “No special increased passengers target connected to this cooperation. But we believe, with this alternative will happened increased passenger,” says Indonesia AirAsia Chief Dharmadi on September 10, 2009 in Jakarta. Confirmed by Darmady, in in AirAsia Company network as many as 80 percent tickets already had ordered via internet. “We not changed our ordered ticket way, AirAsia still focus on ticket ordered via internet. This is only way to expand the way to buy ticket,” he says. Southeast Asia and India Subcontinent Amadeus Asia Ltd Paul Martin said together with Amadeus, AIrAsia will be become more reachable passengers from Europe. Because at this time more than 12,000 travel bureaus all over the world uses Amadeus Global Distribution System (GDS). GDS explained implementation Amadeus Ticketless Access, that make cheap flight information possible displayed together with premium flight and full service airlines. So, ticket agent can quickly response and give cheap flight information without need to open that flight website. Benefit from customers is cheap flight and low cost flight ticket choice information available. According to Paul Martin, Amadeus also have feature likes to choose seat or food ordered.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Flights in Borneo Canceled.

Some flights in Borneo (Kalimantan) that in Central Borneo and East Borneo on September 8, 209 canceled caused by thick smog from area burned around airport in both provinces. Tjilik Riwut Airport in Palangkaraya, Central Borneo, come back can’t use for plane landing. View distance in runaway only 400 meters, far away from lowest minimum limit 1,600 meters. Impact of that smog, Garuda Indonesia and Sriwijaya Air companies canceled their flight. Customer applicants will be flied via Syamsudin Noor Airport in Banjarbaru, South Borneo. Tjilik Riwut closed because pioneer airports in Central Borneo also become paralyzed because no plane flight from Palangkaraya. In East Borneo, almost all flight from Sepinggan Airport with destination to Kalimarau Airpirt at Berau district and Juwata Airport at Tarakan, East Borneo, also canceled. Both airports is closely by thick smog. Tarakan Meteorology Station Head Sutadi Raharjo said that view distance less than 1,800 meters. This same condition also happened on Kalimarau Airport at Berau district. Based on Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysical committee, this smog was send from West Borneo and Central Borneo.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Batik Becomes World Culture Heritage


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided batik as world culture heritage from Indonesia. Batik appraised as culture icon that have uniqueness and deeply philosophy, also included human life cycles so decided as non physical culture heritage from humanity. Before that UNESCO declared wayang and keris as world culture heritage from Indonesia. “Next we still process to include angklung (kind of traditional music instrument made from bamboo). We keep fighting one by one our nation culture works,” says Jero Wacik, minister of culture and tourism in Bogor, West Java on September 7, 2009. Non physical culture by UNESCO consist of oral culture, story, including language, dance, wayang, stage art, society custom and tradition, craft, and another thing connected with the nature environment. Meanwhile physical cultures consist of monument temple, landscape, and etc. Batik is non physical culture heritage from humanity. It is important because humanity means come from Indonesia. Decided of traditional cloth batik as world culture heritage from Indonesia basically from some considers, some of them is batik as traditional craft hereditary with rich culture from Indonesia. In their considerate, UNESCO also researched about protected had already given by Indonesia government to batik. “UNESCO asked that is Indonesia government has safeguard to batik or not?” says Aburizal Bakrie, Minister of Coordination for Wealthy People Sector. For that purpose, Indonesia government made book and education guided about batik and distributed to schools. UNESCO also researched that Indonesia have batik society, batik industries, and batik history in Indonesia. Based from UNESCO research result, they agreed batik as world culture heritage from Indonesia. This ceremony will organize on September 28 till October 2, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, Arab Emirate United. Connected with this ceremony plan, Indonesia President Soesilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked to all Indonesian people to wear batik on October 2, 2009.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mazda Targeted Indonesia Car Market

A Japan car producer Madza Motor Corporation targeted car selling in Indonesia as many as 10,000 units per year for next year or latest in next two years. Madza 2 car will sale in this year hopes can increase their quantity cars sell. That said by Yuji Nakamine, Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Overseas Sales Divison Madza Motor Corporation on September 3, 2009, after exposed Madza 2 design also showed their Mazda fabric in Hiroshima, Japan. “Before Mazda only focused their sale in North America, Europe, and Japan. From now Mazda will explore Asia Pacific market,” said Nakamime. According to him, car producer like Toyota also already get surplus from South East Asia so Mazda must started to focused on regional market. In Indonesia, Mazda sell product is still small compared with other Japan car company. In 2008, Madza only sell about 2,200 units, or raise 68 percent compared in 2007. In fact, at least there 650,000 car units sell per year in Indonesia market. Based on Gabungan Industri Kendaraan Bermotor Indonesia (Gaikindo) or Indonesia Motor Vehicles Federation data, Daihatsu car sell on August reached 7,299 units or raised 15.3 percent compared on July 2009. Daihatsu takes second position after Toyota that success sell 18,403 car units.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sunda Strait Realize in 2020

Realized of Sunda Strait Bridge that connected between Java Island and Sumatera Island hope can be realized in 2020. Budget for realized 20 kilometers bridge approximately around Rp. 100 trillion (US$ 10 billion), excluded land free. This is Sunda Strait Bridge feasibility study arranged by Artha Graha Network via PT Bangun Sejahtera and Wiratman and Associates. This feasibility study result hand over to Banten Province Governor Ratu Atut Chosiyah and Lampung Province Governor Sjachroedin ZP on August 13, 2009 in Jakarta. From that feasibility study, for Sunda Strait Bride building project need minimal 10 years to realized. The feasibility study result document will give to central government. Ratu Atut said Province Banten government has commitment to supported budget for released land form Sunda Strait Bridge build. This land will used for bridge building and commercial area. “For commercial area in near Sunda Strait Bridge will be quicker for returned fund from bridge project invest. Because with only rely on bridge operational income is need longer time,” she says. In 2006, passenger Java-Sumatera traffic that crossed over Merak-Bakauheni reached 20 million persons. For goods traffic reached 1.75 million tons. In 2020, predicted will reached 40 million passengers and for good increased become 3.5 million tons. Artha Graha Group Head Tommy Winata said his side hopes local government and central government support by compensations to supported Sunda Strait Bridge financial. “We make more priority this project as mutual cooperation project. The biggest benefit is for Java and Sumatera people, also for all economic actors in both territories,” says Winata. When asked to Winata about benefit finance prospect from this project. “This project realized not only for financial benefit, but also our nation progress. If this project if realized, this project just finished in next 10 years when I am 63 years old. Investment cost return maybe take in 30 years, when my age is over than 90 years old.”

Friday, August 28, 2009

Takjil at Soekarno Hatta Airport

Soekarno Hatta Airport for Ramadan fasting month catered 4,000 takjil packets for all passengers who will departure or arrive at Soekarno Hatta Airport closing to break fast time. Takjil is snack likes kolak, traditional cakes, or dates. Kolak is sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar. I don’t know what kind takjil they provided at Airport. Soekarno Hatta Airport Head, Hariyanto on Wednesday (August 26, 2009) explain takjil supplied is one of their management services to flight passengers. “Takjil catered we give in Departure Terminal 1, 2 and 3. We hope with takjil catered, passenger easily to break their fast in airport,” says Hariyanto. For financed this takjil catered services, Airport Management spent budget around Rp. 4 million (US$ 400,000).

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bali Protested Malaysia About Pendet Dance

Malaysia claim for original art and culture of Indonesia heritage no stopped yet. After batik, reog, and Rasa Sayange song, now masterpiece art from Bali, Tari Pendet (Pendet Dance) has turn. This dance in the past time was sacred become material of visit to Malaysia commercial. This is make some artist, cultural observes, and academism in Bali spread out protest action on August 22, 2009. One of them is former rector of Indonesia Art Institute Denpasar, Prof Wayan Dibia and Region Representative Board members from Bali, Ida Ayu Agung Mas. Protest ala artist presented with art perform organized at Taman Budaya Denpasar. Tens of artist and cultural observes recommended that Indonesia government immediately to make Indonesia dances art inventories and identifications, especially Pendet Dance.
“Local and central government need to register traditional dances to get copy right so in the future there will no another claim from another country especially from Malaysia,” explains Wayan Dibyan.
He added Pendet Dance was presented by Malaysia government in some international television is recorded by Bali Record production house. Shooting take at tourism Bedugul area. Meanwhile, Republic Foreign Affair Department of Republic of Indonesia spokesman, Teuku Faizasyah appealed that people don’t be emotional to react this case. “We must see what the goal to put Pendet Dance to their commercial first. Maybe they have no purpose to claim it but only for tourism goal”. They side already asked clarification from Malaysia government by Indonesia representative in that neighbor country. Pendet Dance has been part of Bali people spiritual life since hundreds years ago. This dance is part for religion ceremonial that presented in pura (Hindu temple) and can’t be perform outside religion ritual or ceremonial. In 1950’s Pendet Dance had modification and be presented as welcoming dance to special guest in Bali. Now this dance can perform to tourism welcoming.

Mandau Kelu or The Stone Mandau

photo :
The mandau (or long knife) has been in use for a very long time, prior to its existence the Dayak people used stone tools. A thin stone was sharpened to a fine edge by rubbing it on another harder stone. After a sharp edge had been achieved the stone was placed into the middle of a piece of wood and tied with rattan. As time progressed the forest discovered iron mine in the mountains. One of the village chiefs had the idea to use the iron ore to make a sheet metal. Because of the dificulty to find iron ore in large quantities the king prdered his subjects to make a cave on the side of Mount Muler and to dig holes in the area of River Sunan because these were area ehere the most iron ore have been found previously. Caves where the water was seen to be a yellowish color were greatly sought after. The yellowish water would be collected and save in a 20 cm deep hole that is about the size of a socer ball. The resault udf continually pouring into the same for several decades wa nuggets of iron ore.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jember Fashion Carnaval

photo :
The dream finally come back again. This setence said by Dynald Fariz with full emotion when Jember Fashion Carnaval or JFC press conference. JFC President seriously with his word. Need extra time, patience, and big effort to reachable and enjoy his obsession now already give the result. August 2, 2009 come back to JFC success witness that crowded by approximately 300,000 spectators, even from nearly Jember or from outside Jember. JFC now became annual event that name starting to know all over the world. This event success to make Jember famous and more known. Jember is small city with position in south corridor of East Java. In the 8th JFC event, 600 contestant comprise from students, university students, and the public show their ability and creation over asphalt catwalk with length 3,6 km, started from town square and recorded as the longest catwalk in the world. With “World Unity” theme that means to united and make world peace, this theme was developed to 8 sub theme, that voiced issue about social, economy, culture, or politic.
Food crisis problem, for example, voiced by “Upper Ground” theme, meanwhile “Animal Plants” voiced forest riches. Freedom symbol of animal and plant showed in animal or plant characters in attractive package. Another theme is “Off Life” showed some people wear all cloth is black, with gothic fashion style. It is really contrast with the previous group that wears colorful cloths likes green, orange, and red. Costume design illustrated the creation is so high and incredible, and for some people stigma that cloths is symbol of useless or endangered another people. Group indentity with no have change to develop, visualization in black color. This theme tried to voiced that creativity and work is right of every person. From here, Fariz gives important learning to everybody that dream will be come true. Uniquely, annual JFC event became one of tourism potential and included to Jember Visit Months Agenda.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Delay For 16 Hours, Air Asia Get Hard Warning

Polonia Airport Administrator, Medan, Norht Sumatera, give had warning to AirAsia company because consider to neglected their passangers. AirAsia plane QZ 7497 from Medan to Jakarta destination delayed for 16 hours and 10 minutes because plane engine damaged.
“Even Air Asia was given competation to their passangers, but this thing is not enough. AirAsia was make lose out passangers by neglected them,” says Polonia Airport Administrator, Razali Abubakar on August 10, 2009 in Medan.
AirAsia with Jakarta destination that Razali means scheduled take off on Sunday at 19.00. Because the plane had engine problem when take off time comes, AirAsia staff anounced that their take off schedule delayed and take off time changed to 22.30. At Last, AirAsia staff announced canceled their flight schedule and this make disturbance at domestic departure terminal of Polonia Airport. Disappointed passangers, according to Rizali, was emotion till make them trowed trolly in front official. Situation at the night, he said, tendered to anarchy so airport security official, police officer, and airforce army must be involved to cooling down the passangers. “Passangers disappointed because flight canceled not following with continuation ticket changed (for tthem who must come back again to Jakarta),” explains Razali.
Then AirAsia official make negotiation with some passangers till Monday at 02.00. Connected with the situation, agreement had make with continuation ticket changed. Beside that, AirAsia also provided lodging for the night at Angkasa Hotel, Medan. Finally, flight can be done on Monday at 11.20. Distribution and Marketing Director of Indonesia AirAsia, Widijastoro Nugroho when confimated was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said that three AirAsia planes have some problems. This situation make AirAsia also have problem to flied all passangers in Medan. “One Boeing 737-300 scheduling for routine check up (C-Check). One Boeing 737-300 have hydrolic system damged. And one Airbus A-320 that scheduled to flied passanger from Medan to Jakarta must checked (grounded) because hard landing guess or landing with collide,” he says.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Batik Exhibition on Washington Museum

Amounting 22 batik cloth of USA president barack Obama mother, Miss Ann Dunham, exhibitioned on Textile Museum Washitong DC on August 9-23, 2009. This exhibition was peak of some exhibition had already done in some city in United States. Republic of Indonesia embassador for USA, Sudjadnan Parnohadiningrat said, beside for to thightened Indonesia-US realtionship, this eshibition also to batik promotion as Indonesia heritage. “ Batik not only textile, but more than that. Batik has social, culture value and culture product since some centuries ago,” says Sudjanan in press convention in Mandarin Hotel, Washington DC. About 500 attendants come and watched this culture night with title “Enchanting Indonesia” including Maya Soetoro Ng, President Barrack Obama sister and as heir of her mother batik cloths. Miss Ann Dunham. When Ann Dunham dies, she leave approximately 100 batik cloths that she get when life in Indonesia from 1970s till 1980s.

Poso Lake Festival Proved Safe for Conflicts

Lake Poso XII Festival opened by Minister of Culture and Tourism Jero Wacik on Saturday (August 8, 2009) hopes to prove area that had been face for long conflic is already safe. With all implementation limitedness , festival hope no only for tourism promotion site, but also to build Poso image as place worth to be visit, especially foreign tourism. Poso Lake festival will be implementation every year and be one tourism event following by nine districs regencies and one city in Central Sulawesi. In this festival, also perform art and culture state and craft exhibition. Poso Lake festival delayed for 10 years since 1997. First confict break out oin 1988. Festival continue again in 207 after recovery condition at Poso. Compared between 2007 and 2008 , this years the festival more get antusiastic respons from people. Festival opening attended by thousands people, tens tourism also came to see this event. But unfortunately, this festival not support by readiness of accomodation, transportation, guide, internet network, money changer, and another facilities. Some tourisms from Spain also complain because they difficult to find hotel room. Many visitor, but lack of hotel room.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Meaning of Tattos for The Dayak Kenyah People

The Dayak Kenyak people call tattoos betik. Betik means the activity where tattooist pricks the skin repeatly with wooden instrument with three metal prongs on the end. Before the tattoo is made the person’s skin is covered with soot from a cooking pot and desired design. The used tattoos is different from each social class, these being :
  1. Tattoos for th nobility (paren). Tattoos made for the nobility usually consist of the a very fine design with a spesific symbolic meaning. These designs are very expensive and ma not be used by other social classes.
  2. Tattoos for the middle class (panyen). Designs used by the middle class are usually larger and not so expensive,
  3. Tattoos for the lower class are only done certain parts of the body and are very cheap. Occasionally they may make it themselves.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goals of Suramadu

  • Economic development of East Java Province especially for Madura Island.
  • To development Madura Island as a buffer zone of Surabaya
  • To increase the mobility of passenger and goods between Surabaya city and Madura Island.
  • To stimulate the opportunities for employment that in line with local culture
  • For Construction Technology development and training ground for Indonesia expert in Long Span Bridge

Monday, June 22, 2009

Suramadu Bridge

The Suramadu Bridge also known as the Surabaya–Madura Bridge, is a bridge with three cable-stayed sections constructed between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura in Indonesia. The construction contract for the building of the bridge was signed on September 24th, 2004 between China and Indonesia. And the construction work began in a year after, October 2005 Suramadu Bridge connecting Surabaya (Java Island) and Bangkalan (Madura Island). Once finished this 5.438 Km bridge will become the longest bridge in Indonesia and South East Asian (ASEAN).
Opened by President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on June 10, 2009, the 5.4-km bridge is the longest in Indonesia and the first bridge to cross the Madura Strait
"Suramadu bridge is a domestic masterpiece in the field of construction technology of the 21st century. This bridge also proves that this century, Indonesia has become a developed country," Yudhoyono said in front of some 6,500 guests attending the launch ceremony. Suramadu bridge that connect Java island and Madura island is expected to gift benefit, merit and improvement to the people of Madura.
The cable-stayed portion has three spans with lengths 192 m, 434 m and 192 m. The bridge will not have a railway. But they will have a special line for motocycle. For cars, each way will be two lines plus emergency line. The first toll bridge in Indonesia, fares have been initially set at Rp. 30,000 (US$ 3) for four-wheeled vehicles and 3,000 (US$ 30 cent) for two-wheelers.
The bridge was built by a consortium of Indonesian companies PT Adhi Karya and PT Waskita Karya working with China Road and Bridge Corp. and China Harbor Engineering Co. Ltd. The total cost of the project, including connecting roads, has been estimated at 4.5 trillion rupiah (US$ 445 million).


Borobudur is located at Magelang, in Central Java, about 40 km North West of Yogyakarta, 1,5 km northest of The Pawon, and 3 km northeast of the Mendut. It was built in the ninth century as a shrine to Buddha, and abandoned in the fourteenth century after the decline of the Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms in Java, when the Javanese converted to Islam. After Borobudur was abandoned in ancient times it was mentioned twice in two historical Javanese texts Babad Tanah Jawi (1704) and Babad Mataram (1754). It was rediscovered in 1814 by Sir Thomas Raffles, British ruler of Java. A complete restoration did not take place however until 1907, under the guidance of a Dutchman, Theodorus Van Erp. He worked on the project until 1911.
Borobudur is a giant mountain-building. It is built entirely on a natural hill. The base is about 118 m (387 ft) on each side. Nine terraced layers rise around the hill to a height of about 46 m (150 ft), covering the entire hill. Although there is a stairway leading directly to the summit, there are 4.8 km (3 miles) of original passageways and stairways inside the monument. Exploring these and finding a way to the top is like stepping back in time 1,000 years, to when the temple was built.
This 1907-1911 restoration was established to primarily focus on cleaning the sculptures, and excavating the grounds around the monument to find missing Buddha heads and hidden panel stones. The restoration project did not address and solve the drainage problem. Within few decades, the gallery walls were sagging and the relief showed signs of new cracks and deterioration. Theodoor van Erp used concrete from which alkali salts and calcium hydroxide are leached and transported into the rest of the construction. This has caused some problems that a further thorough renovation is urgently needed (Soekmono, 1973). In 1968, the Indonesian government and the United Nations, working through UNESCO, launch the "Save Borobudur" campaign. Over the next fifteen years, twenty million dollars are raised to support a bold plan: the complete dismantling and reconstruction of the lower terraces of the monument – stone by stone. Professionals from twenty-seven countries join their Indonesian counterparts to carry out the project.
Over one million stones are moved during the course of restoration, and set aside like pieces of a massive jig-saw puzzle. Thirteen hundred carved panels are taken apart and individually cleaned, catalogued and treated for preservation. And Borobudur becomes a testing ground for new conservation techniques – new procedures to battle the microorganisms eating away at the stone. Experts in engineering, chemistry, biology and archaeology all share their skills to solve the multitude of problems. The restoration takes eight years of labor and unprecedented international cooperation to complete.
In the words of Professor Soekmono, the Indonesian archaeologist who directed the Borobudur Restoration Project: "Borobudur has resumed its old historical role as a place of learning, dedication and training. We might even conclude that the builders of the monument hoped and planned for such continuity. An excellent training program, either for the pilgrim-devotee or for the field technician, is always based on a wish, a fervent wish, that the trainee will achieve what is projected. For the ardent Buddhist it is the Highest Wisdom that leads to the Ultimate salvation, and for the technician the highest degree of expertise that leads to the appropriate fulfillment of his duty. In both cases, Candi Borobudur is the embodiment of such a deeply felt wish. It is a prayer in stone."The international character of the project now being ensured by a National Executive agency, a UNESCO Coordinator and an International Consultative Committees, the government and UNESCO signed a formal agreement in January 1973 in Paris. In August 1973 the start of the project was announced by President Republic of Indonesia, inspite of the fact that the international fundraising campaign had only just been started. The significance of Borobudur Temples has an outstanding universal value and UNESCO world cultural heritage inscribed the temple and its surrounding in the World Heritage List in 1991 no. C 592. The Vesak annual ritual is observed by Indonesian Buddhists during the full moon in May or June, by walking from Mendut, passing through Pawon, and ending at Borobudur.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bandung (West Java)

Bandung as known as City of Flowers, is the provincial capital of West Java and Indonesia' s third largest city after Jakarta and Surabaya. Known in colonial times as the Paris of Java because of its European ambiance and sophistication, Bandung shares with Miami a fine legacy of Tropical Deco architecture dating from the 1920's. Situated on a plateau in the beautiful Parahayangan mountains, Bandung's pleasant climate and lush surroundings have offered an escape from the heat of the lowlands since the mid 19th century when it was the heart of the region's most prosperous plantation area. Host to the historic Asia Africa conference in 1955, Bandung is now a center of higher education ,commerce and aircraft industry which despite its modern amenities still retains much of its colonial era charm. Bandung is also renowned for its shopping, particularly for shoes, textiles, clothing and denims which are found in the colourful Jeans street . Easily reached from Jakarta by train , road or air (the scenic train trip is recommended), Bandung, with its cool mountain air is a popular second stop for those visiting the national capital and an essential stay-over for travellers enroute through Java.
Bandung is also known as shopper's paradise in Indonesia. There is a lot of Factory Outlet (FO) that offer both local as well as imported clothes. You can find them with no trouble because they are spread out around the city. Jl. Ir Juanda (also known as Dago), Jl. Martadinat (around Jl. Riau) and Jl Setiabudi are places for popular FO. Why they called factory outlet? The price is cheaper because send directly from factory. There are also particular shops known as Distro (Distribution Store). They offer home industry products with limited amout and the result those products become exlusive item. Each Distro usually offer only specific product, for instance shop selling only surfing equipment, skateboards, Motor Gede (Big Bike), environmentalist, Devil icon lover's and so on. Furthermore for alternatives, there are shopping malls like Pasar Baru, Bandung Indah Plaza, Bandung Super Mall or World Trade Center Bandung.

Durian Is The King

The durian is the fruit of several tree species belonging to the genus Durio and the Malvaceae family (although some taxonomists place Durio in a distinct family, Durionaceae). Widely known and revered in southeast Asia as the "king of fruits", the durian is distinctive for its large size, unique odour, and formidable thorn-covered husk. durian fruit is ready to eat when its husk begins to crack
The durian is native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. There is some debate as to whether the durian is native to the Philippines, or was introduced. The durian is grown in other areas with a similar climate; it is strictly tropical and stops growing when mean daily temperatures drop below 22 °C (72 °F). In its native southeastern Asia, the durian is an everyday food and portrayed in the local media in accordance with the cultural perception it has in the region. The durian symbolised the subjective nature of ugliness and beauty. The famous Durian in Indonesia is Mothong. Mothong not originally came from Indonesia but imported from Thailand. But this time, durian farmer in Indonesia try to growing Mothong because Indonesia weather same with Thailand. So delicious. You can find it in big market or supermall like Carrefour, Hypermart, Giants, or Superindo. You can find it in traditional market but for Monthing type it rare. In traditional market you will see local durian than Mothong. Because durian is famous Singapore's Esplanade building, nicknamed "The Durian"

Baso (Indonesian Meat Ball)

Baso or some people speak and write as Bakso (added ‘k’) is the famous food in Indonesia. Maybe you know it as meat ball. A meatball is simply ground meat combined with ingredients such as bread (or breadcrumbs) minced onion, various spices, and eggs rolled into a ball and cooked by frying, baking, steaming, or braising in sauce. There are many kinds of meatball recipes using various meats and spices. Actually there are various kinds of bakso in Indonesia. The small ones which are smaller than a golf ball, then a larger one, as big as a golf ball and then the super bakso tenis, as big as a tennis ball. In the largest bakso a hardboiled egg is covered with the minced meat mixture. The bakso tenis hails from East Java and in its place of origin it is also called bakwan– creating many misunderstandings for people of other regions who call corn or vegetable fritters bakwan and of course are very surprised when instead of fritters they are served gigantic bakso or meatballs. Bakso tennis is only made from minced beef. Baso not complete without sambal. Sambal is sauce made by red chilly pepper with very sharp spice. So hot…… But if you want to try sambal, you must be carefully. Because you can get stomachache or diarrhea. For Indonesia people already habitual so they stomach can accepted that taste. But for foreign people, the taste maybe like hell especially for your stomach. Many case of diarrhea cause it by eat this hot sambal. But if you want to try in small portion is never mind. On and on your stomach can eat more sambal without stomachache or diarrhea. Enjoy it

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manchester United's Player Wearing Batik

Manchester United Goes to Jakarta, Indonesia, at July 20th, 2009. MU will be come and play at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. They will againts with All Stars Indonesian Player. Photos of the MU Wearing Batik - To await the coming of 2009 Champion League finalist Manchester United (MU) who do tour in Indonesia on July 20 to come to a wide range of unique big occupation very day the party is felt in Indonesia. One of the cellular phone operator in Indonesia 3 GSM that makes ad about MU players wearing batik. The ad said “Mau?” means “Want it?” Photo MU players wear clothes that are unique to Indonesia at this time many can found in baliho that various corners of the city of Jakarta, and the succession to the batik is Wayne Rooney, Park Ji Sung, Michael Carrick, and Sir Alex Ferguson. Unfortunately, Chistiano Ronaldo and Tevez doesn’t wearing Batik. as

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sejarah Istana Negara (History of State Palace)

In the beginning, there was onlyone building in the whole present day presidential palace are now the premises of Istana Negara. Building was owned by J.A. van Braam. The construction of the building began in 1796 9during the Governor-General Pieter Gerardus van Overstraten’s adminitration) and wholly completed in 1804 (during Governor-General Johannes Sieberg’s term). In 1818 the Ducth East Ondies administration procured the building, which from then on, was made into the official residence of Dutch governor-general.
Quite a few important events during teh Dutch colonial period took place in the building. For example, General de Kock’s exposition to Governor-General van der Capellen regarding in plan to exterminate Price Diponegoro’s rebellion and his strategy against Tuanku Imam Bonjol’s upsrising took place in this very building. The building now called Istana Negara also witnessed Governor-General van de Bosch’s launching of the cultuurstelsel (force planting), which required the Dutch administration deemed profitable to the Dutch. After independence, an important event which took place ion this building was the signing of the Lingarjati Agreement on 25 March 1947. Indonesia was led by Sutan Sjahrir and the Netherlands by Dr. Van Mook.

Sejarah Istana Merdeka (History of Freedom Palace)

Because of the increasing activities of the Dutch East Indies administration then, the building which is now called Istana Negara was soon unable to meet the growing demand for space. Thus, in 1873, during teh Governor-General Louden's term of office, another building was consructed and completed in 1879, when Governor-General was Johan Willem van Landsbarge. The architect responsible for the construction was Drossare. The new building came to be known as Istana Gambir by the people of Batavia. In the early years of the Republic of Indonesia, this Palace witnessed the signing of the Nederlands; recognition of the sovereignty of the United States of Indonesia on 27 December 1949. The republic was represented by Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and the Kingdom of the Netherlands by A H J Lovink, High Represntative of the Dutch Crown to Indonesia. Upon the signing ofthe recognition of the Republic’s soverreignity, the Indonesian flag was hoisted, replacing the Royal Dutch flag. The hoisting of the flag was accompanied with the signing of the Indonesian national athem Indonesia Raya (Great Indonesia), followed with the cheer “Merdeka!” (“Freedom!”) bythe Indonesian in unison. Probably this explains why the Palace came to be called istana Merdeka instead of Istana Gambir. One day after the signing of the sovereignty recognition, on 28 December 1949, President Soekarno and his family arrived from Yogyakarta. That day marked the begining of the First Family residing in Merdeka Palace.

Friday, June 5, 2009

David Carradine WA Found Hanged in Hotel

David Carradine, star of the 1972-1975 TV series "Kung Fu" as Kwai Chang Caine, also appeared in more than 100 feature films with such directors as Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman and Hal Ashby and one of his prominent early film roles was as singer Woody Guthrie in Ashby's 1976 biopic "Bound for Glory.", has been found dead in the Thai capital, Bangkok. A news report said he was found hanged in his hotel room and was believed to have committed suicide. The Web site of the Thai newspaper The Nation cited unidentified police sources as saying Carradine was found Thursday hanged in his luxury hotel room. It said Carradine was in Bangkok to shoot a movie and had been staying at the hotel since Tuesday. The newspaper said Carradine could not be contacted after he failed to appear for a meal with the rest of the film crew on Wednesday, and that his body was found by a hotel maid at 10 a.m. Thursday morning. The name of the movie was not immediately available. A police officer at Bangkok's Lumpini precinct station would not confirm the identity of the dead man, but said the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park hotel had reported that a male guest killed himself there.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mahakam River

It is located in the east of KalimantJustify Fullan / Borneo most popular with major activities of the river tourism movement specially in exploring the Dayak tribe. The Mahakam River flows 980 km from the highlands of Borneo, district Long Apari to its mouth in Makassar Strait. The city of Samarinda, the provincial capital of Eas Kalimantan, lies along the river 48 km (30 mi) from the river mouth. The east Kalimantan or Borneo is nowadays know as the most industrially advanced province of Kalimantan. Its population is less than two million, and the density figure of seven people per kilometre is among the lowest of Indonesia, although relatively high for Kalimantan. More than 80 percent of the area, or over 17 million hectares is covered by forest. This is where the "Black Orchid" and many other orchid varieties grow within the sheltered confines of nature reserves. The Banjarese and Kutainese are mostly the coastal population, living in towns and cities. The Dayak peoples form the overwhelming majority of the population of the hinterland, who live in longhouses called umaq daru.
Samarinda is known for its fine sarong cloth. The city shows some signs of being the capital of a prosperous province. New government offices and public buildings are rising everywhere. Samarinda has a number of modest but comfortable hotels.
Balikpapan, the centre of Kalimantan's oil industry is also the gateway to East Kalimantan with air and sea connections to Jakarta and other major points in Indonesia. Even the trip to Samarinda, begins in Balikpapan. Living up to its importance, Balikpapan has a number of good hotels, including one of international standard, as well as recreation facilities. It has the second busiest airport in the nation after Jakarta, due to its strategic position.
Tenggarong, up the Mahakam river from Samarinda, is the capital of the Kutai regency and was once the seat of the Kutai sultanate. The Sultan's palace on the riverside is now a museum where the old royal paraphernalia are kept, as well as an excellent collection of antique Chinese ceramics. Dayak statues can be admired in the yard. A curious thing about the royal paraphernalia is that they display a strong resemblance with Java's court traditions. Each year on 24 September, the former palace becomes a stage of dance and music performances given to celebrate the town's anniversary.
Tanjung Isuy
This little settlement around Lake Jempang in the lake-studded East Kalimantan hinterland, has a traditional Dayak longhouse which has been turned into lodges for visitors. The grave of a Benuaq Dayak chief lies aside the hamlet's only road. Visitors are usually given a traditional Benuaq Dayak welcome. The trip to Tanjung Isuy over the Mahakam River is long, but interesting, passing floating villages and forests. With luck, you can watch a belian, or witch doctor, dressed in his skirt of leaves, cure his patients at night by performing the rites prescribed by ancestors, to the frenzied accompaniment of gongs and drums. Many Benuaq Dayaks still prefer the old cures to the modern ones at government public health centres which are nearby.

Melak - Kersik Luway
Melak is a little village further upstream on the Mahakam River in the heart of the land of Tanjung Dayak. Not far from the village is the Kersik Luway nature reserve, where the "Black Orchid" grows

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Lying in the shadow of the aptly named "Fire Mountain", (2914 meter-high active volcano, Mt.Merapi), is the seat of the once mighty Javanese Empire of Mataram, Ngayogyakarto Hadiningrat. Yogyakarta (Yogya) came into being in 1755, when a land dispute split the power of Mataram into the Sultanates of Yogyakarta and Surakarta (solo). Prince Mangkubumi built Kraton of Yogyakarta and created one of the most powerful Javanese states ever. The Kraton is still the hub of Yogyakarta's traditional life and despite the advance of the refinement which has been the hallmark of its art and people for centuries. Yogyakarta is one of the supreme cultural centers of Java. Full Gamelan orchestras keep alive the rhythms the past, classical Javanese dances entrance with visions of beauty and poise, shadows come to life in the stories of the Wayang kulit and a myriad of traditional visual art forms keep locals and visitors alike spell-bound. Yogya has an extraordinary life force and charm which seldom fails to captivate. Contemporary art has also grown in the fertile soil of Yogyakarta's sophisticated cultural society. ASRI, the Academy of Fine Arts, is the centre of the arts in the region and Yogyakarta has given its name to an important school of modern painting in Indonesia, best illustrated by the renowned impressionist, the late Affandi.The province is one of the most densely populated areas of Indonesia. It stretches from the slopes of mighty Mount Merapi in the North to the wave - swept beaches of the powerful Indian Ocean to the South. The city of Yogyakarta has an area of 3186 sq km and population of 500.000. It used to be the city of bicycles, with noisy and chaotic traffic much like any Javanese city.However the Kampungs, behind the main streets life unhurried. The city provides easy acces for an insight into Javanese culture : craft industries such as batik, silver, pottery. It is also a city of art: Wayang are easily visited: traditional Javanese perfoming arts can readily be seen :and the contemporary arts are also flourishing. Yogya is alsi a good base to explore nearby attacration including Indonesia’s most important archaeological sites Borobudur and Prambanan.

Friday, May 29, 2009


The term Becak in Indonesia means cycle rickshaws. The Becaks were banned in 1994 within the city of Jakarta as they were found to be one of the main causes of traffic jams. Almost region in Java island and Sumatera have becak. In Kalimantan, I never seen becak. Becak run efficiently in those places where you don’t find bus services. But becak can drive fastly like motorcycle or bus because the power is depend of human driver. Becak run slowly and no pollution. A becak is a three-wheeled cycle rickshaw. It is generally decorated in ornate colors, especially though colors vary with the choice of the becak owners. The becak are sometimes driven by the drivers and sometimes by the owners themselves The becaks are ideal for two passengers. You can get some protection under the hood from the glaring rays of the sun in summer, whereas in winter, they draw a plastic sheet in front of you. Becaks have flair of their own; it is a great feeling to travel in a becak. Becak in Jogjakarta and Solo I think is the best. Because the driver so polite, cheaper, and the best thing…. becak in this region is bigger than another. So I feel more safety.

Cipularang Highway connected Bandung and Jakarta

Cipularang connected between Bandung and Jakarta. Since Cipulang was operated, traffic in Bandung increase in the week end. Because traveled distance only two hours. Like Bandung residence say ,”In week end, we better stay at home. The traffic jam is increase highly. Many people come from Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, and town around Bandung. So crowded. In the week end, our city occupied by Jakarta resident.” Kuliner, Factory Outlet (sell cloth with factory price). I remember 15 years ago, Bandung is not really hot in midday. But right now, so hot like Jakarta. Sawah changed by new resident. Supermall, hotel, factory outlet, grow so quickly. Now Bandung have different face.


Batik is traditional cloth from Indonesia. Batik can made by hand or machine. Batik made by hand is more expensive. There many motif of Batik in Indonesia. Every region have different motif and pattern. The famous batik come from Yogyakarta, Solo, Tasikmalaya, Pekalongan, Palembang, etc. If you visiting Yogyakarta, you can come by to Bringharjo market (you cant ask becak, taxi, or delman driver, they must be know this place). In Indonesia, bureaucrat officer must wear batik one day in a week, usually in Friday (some region have different day. Like in Central Java, the bureaucrat officer wears it in Thursday). This obligation helps Batik industrialist or entrepreneur get survive in high competition with another cloth. Nelson Mandela from South Africa also likes Batik. He often wear Batik from Indonesia in ceremonial event. The pattern can be animal, plant, or special patern. The favorite pattern from animal is bird (like cendrawasih or eagle), dragon (Tiongkok influence), or elephant. Favorite Plant batik motif is flower and tree like Beringin. I will inform you later in my blog about the famous Batik in Indonesia.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gado-Gado : Mix Salad From Indonesia

Gado Gado is a mixed vegetable salad served with a peanut sauce dressing and pouring kerupuk on the top. It’s a favorite traditional dish in Indonesia. Although it is to be eaten as a main meal, many Western countries describe it simply as a salad. But gado-gado is different with salad. Is widely served from hawkers carts, stalls (warung) as well as in restaurants or hotel both in Indonesia and worldwide. The exact composition of the vegetable salad varies, but usually compromises some form of mixture cabbage, string bean, carrot (sometimes), sliced boiled potatoes, slice boiled eggs (not all stalls uses this because makes price of gado-gado more expensive), slice of fried tofu, slice of fried tempe, kerupuk or emping (or both), uncooked cucumber and lettuce, plus friend onion. By the way, emping is friend cracker made from melinjo. In Indonesia usually peanut sauce mixed with chilli pepper ... so hot in your mouth when you eat that. Or you can added terasi (dried shrimp/fish paste) if you like it. Hhmmm, delicious. Gado-gado is usually served with rice or lontong (rice cake in banana leave wrapped) or ketupat (rice cake in coconut leaf). Also you just can eat only gado-gado. The price gado-gado with rice or lontong are same. The price gado-gado in stall usually only IDR 5.000. But gado-gado in hotel or restaurant of course have difference price. Today, peanut sauce for gado-gado sale in dried block to which add hot water can you buy in many store even traditional market.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busway : Bus Rapid Transport in Jakarta

Jakarta has the most modes of transportation planned in Indonesia. The government have been planing to implement river transport like in Venesia, bus services with their own lane in the street called Busway, monorail, and subway. But at the present time, only one mode has worked: The Bus Rapid Transit system or Busway. River transport is fail because the river is fully by trash and shallow. Monorail is delayed because lack of budget. Busway has attracted strong opposition from transportation experts and observers since it was first introduced by the Jakarta administration in early 2002. Today, busway project still carry on. Sometimes this project make the traffic more crowded and jammed in business hours. The busway take one line of the road. The experts argued that the busway would not be able to resolve chronic traffic congestion in the capital and poor-quality public transportation services. The administration proposed only Rp 60 billion (US$7 million) from its 2002 budget to buy some 60 buses to be used on the 12.9-kilometer corridor from Blok M, South Jakarta, to Kota, West Jakarta. A promise to operate the busway in October 2002 was broken because the administration had yet to prepare facilities, from bus shelters and pedestrian bridges to lane dividers. But the best thing from bus wat are it is cheap. For one ride you only pay IDR 3.500. You must pay it in the locket before take the busway. No like other bus transportation, in busway you can find woman driver the bus. Feeder bus services, to support the busway, will not have air-conditioned buses as promised earlier, which could discourage private car owners from using the buses.

Bali is Not A Country (2)

I think this posting only added for my posting before with the same title. Bali is an Indonesian island located at 8°25′23″S 115°14′55″E / 8.42306°S 115.24861°E / -8.42306; 115.24861, the westernmost of the Lesser Sunda Islands, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. Capital of Bali is Denpasar towards the south of the island.But compare with another provinces, Bali is the most famous province in the world. Bali maybe more recognize than Indonesia itself. Actually, Indonesia is the biggest country number 12 in the world. I believe, many people in the world don’t know it where is Indonesia. Yes, I understand that because promotion about our country on aboard is rare because lack of budget for that. Ok, back to Bali. Bali as known as Island of God have many beautiful tourism object like Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua, Besakih, and so on. An offshoot of the tourism business is the growing real estate industry in Bali. Bali real estate has been rapidly developing in the main tourist districts of Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Oberoi. Most recently, high end 5 star developments are taking place on the Bukit peninsula on the south side of the island. But if you don’t like stay at hotel and prefer to stay at motel or hostel, there may place can you choose. With people so polite and friendly. Religion of most local resident is Hindu. Bali have many attraction for tourism like barong, kecak, or if you lucky, you can see Ngaben ceremonial. Next time, I will explain about the attraction more detail. Bali's tourism brand is Bali Shanti Shanti Shanti. Where Shanti derived from Sanskrit "Shanti" meaning peace.

Manchester United Vs Indonesia All Star

Visiting of Manchester United to Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, and Chinese at 18-26 July 2009 of course will be spectacular event especially when Manchester United met Indonesia. On schedule, this match will perform in Stadion Utama Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, 20 July 2009. This tour was announced since five month ago.
This is like David Vs Goliath. But can Indonesia soccer team (Indonesia All Star) as David beaten Manchester United. I think this is like mission impossible. Manchester United who know is the best team in the whole world. For soccer fanatic, who don’t know Christiano Ronaldo as the best soccer player in the world in 2008, Wayne Roone, Van De Saar, and many more.
But tickets for this match are difficult to fine. According to tour organizer, most of tickets priority for sponsor who have relationship with Manchester United like American International Group (AIG) and his partnership in Indonesia. Tour organizer make sure that the ticket can be ordered by phone : 021-57852749 at Gate I in Gelora Bung Karno Senayan.
This is list pf price ticket to watch match Manchester United Vs Indonesia All Star :

VVIP: IDR 3.500.000
Include watch training session of Manchester United at 19 July, valet parking service at the match, food and beverage, bar and lounge area.

West VIP : IDR 1.500.000
Include watch training session of Manchester United at 19 July, free flow food and beverage.

East VIP : IDR 1.000.000
Include watch training session of Manchester United at 19 July, free flow food and beverage.

Category 1: IDR 400.000
Include watch training session of Manchester United at 19 July and food box (kotak makanan)

Category 2: IDR 250.000

Category 3: IDR 100.000

Let we see Indonesia soccer team achievement in international league or competition. In the Asia Championship, the best soccer team in Indonesia that is Sriwijaya FC (the winner Indonesia league 2008) fail in this competition and be the last place in the group with record 3 loses 1 win. By the way, that is not important right now. I cant waiting this big match. Indonesia All Star player will choose by short message service (SMS). I have plan to watch this match on television and I hope Indonesia team soccer will give the best effort when fight in the field. This match will broadcast to Asia and Europe. Good luck Indonesia All Star.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Bajaj is public vehicle woth three wheel. So noisy and makes pollution. For near distance is Rp. 5.000. The driver in front and the passenger in back seat. In back seat can fulfill with 2 or 3 passengger. For foreign people from Europe, US, or Arab, with body bigger than ordinary people in Indonesia, I think bajaj just can take only one passenger. This vehicle only you can see in Jakarta and you cant find it in anotjer place in Indonesia. Most bajaj have red color. Only few bajaj have green or yellow color. Bajaj is so noisy. You better speak loud if you make conversation on bajaj. But I guarantee, you will remember this vehicle if you already travelling Jakarta with it. Remember, not all area in Jakarta can use bajaj. Area for bajaj is limited. You can ask the driver first. You cant use bajaj to traveling in Sudirman area or Thamrin. Dont makes police stop you. By the way, the souvenir of bajaj can you find in souvenir shop, made it by wood or steel.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bali is Not A Country

Yes, many people think Bali is one country. But you are wrong. Bali is the one from 33 Province in Indonesia. Indonesia is the biggest country number 12 in the world. I know people maybe knowing better Bali than Indonesia. Bali as known as Island of God to some, the Morning to the world to others, and for everyone, surely the most unique and exquisite island on Earth. The favorite place for tourist is Sanur, Kuta, Jimbaran, Ubud, Munduk, Batu Karu, Pemuteran, Amed, and many beautiful place.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just Say Hello...

Hallo I am from Indonesia. Let me try to explain to you about my country. Indonesia is beautiful country (not city ... like our Miss Universe from Indonesia already said). From today, i will inform you anything about Indonesia. History, culture, music, and so on. I hope you enjoy it...